Energy Cafe Charlotte

You Need Healthy Food!

Your Body Needs Healthy Food!

A great place to grab a tasty, healthy meal or beverage.

Energy Café makes it easy to grab a tasty, healthy meal or beverage. We use only whole unprocessed ingredients and use organic products whenever possible.

At Energy Café we believe in the importance of good nutrition and its essential role in helping people enjoy active and healthy lifestyles. We are focused on fueling your body with clean foods to help you perform better throughout your day!

We strive to help people establish healthy eating habits early on so that they don't suffer the consequences later in life. Living a clean eating lifestyle is something we believe in because 80% of what you look like and how you feel is due to what you are eating. “Clean eating" is not only practiced by bodybuilders and elite athletes but health-conscious people alike.

Clean foods are natural, free of added sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats and anything else that is unnatural and unnecessary. Used as a way of life, clean eating can make you feel healthy and full of energy.

Energy Cafe Charlotte
Bank of America Plaza

101 S. Tryon Street
Suite 1
Charlotte, NC 28280

Energy Cafe Charlotte
Duke Energy Center

550 S. Tryon Ste 120
Charlotte, NC 28202